101D2 Portable Oxygen Analyser

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101D2 Portable Oxygen Analyser

Benefits and features

  • Dual range with manual selection.
  • Temperature compensated sensor.
  • Large clear liquid crystal display 12.5mm digits.
  • Remote sensor.
  • Front panel calibration single adjustment calibrates both ranges.
  • Hi and low oxygen warning alarms with precise setting to 0.1%.
  • Alarm setting controls lockable to prevent accidental movement.
  • Alarms have hysterisis to overcome ‘nuisance’ re-triggering.
  • Low battery warning.









0.00% to 19.99% O2 at AP
00.0% to 100.0% O2 at AP

Minimum Reading: 0.01% O2

Accuracy: + 1% of Readout

Temperature Effect: + 0.002 of Readout per˚C

Sensor Life: Up to 3 years at NTP

Battery: 4 x MN1500 Alkaline Cells

Battery Life: Approx. 1 month continuous use reducing with alarm activation

Dimensions: Depth Overall: 205mm (81/4 inches)

Height Overall: 68mm (23/4 inches)

Width Overall: 148mm (6 inches)


Accessories for 101D2 Portable Oxygen Analyser

 Product NameProduct Code
9212 Flow Adaptor 8000-0011GA
9212-4 Oxygen Sensor 9100-9212-4


Download: /pic/101D2-Portable-Oxygen-Analyser-213.pdf