MRC MkII Portable CO2 & O2 Monitor

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MRC MkII Portable CO2 & O2 Monitor

The MRC MkII is a battery powered portable monitor designed to monitor carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations from manned one and two man recompression chambers, where calculating ventilation rates for such small chambers can be problematic. The MRC MkII is connected by a sample line from the chamber exhaust and will continuously monitor the chamber atmosphere to ensure it meets the required standards.

The MRC MkII is a highly accurate solid state microprocessor driven portable monitor. It is designed to provide the operator with accurate and reliable information on the chamber atmosphere to ensure the correct O2 and CO2 levels are maintained. The monitor has an internal pressure reducer, to enable it to take samples at pressures up to 8 Bar G.

To offer additional flexibility the MRC MkII can be operated from an external power source, or its internal batteries which will provide a minimum of 7 days continuous use before replacement is needed. The monitor operates using two measuring principles, electrochemical for oxygen measurement and infra red absorption for carbon dioxide. Waterproof and dustproof membranes cover each sensor to prevent cell contamination which often causes inaccurate readings.

The MRC MkII is fully temperature and drift compensated to provide short and long term reliability. Individual liquid crystal displays each with a backlight offer high visibility and clarity even when operating in low light conditions.

The MRC MkII can be provided with or without alarms. When fitted the audible and visual gas alarms are adjustable to suit local operating standards. Audible alarms can be muted, and are latched to ensure gas alarms are not overlooked if the system is left temporarily unsupervised. An audible and visual flow alarm is a standard feature to ensure the operator is immediately alerted to any flow failure. Calibration is easily performed by passing calibration gas through the sample inlet and using either the calibration software, or the push buttons on the front of the monitor.

The MRC MkII has an optional datalogging facility to provide historical analysis of the chamber atmosphere.

Accessories and options

  • Calibration kit
  • Data download kit
  • Applications
  • Manned recompression chambers
  • Warranty
  • CO2 sensor: 5 years
  • O2 cell: 2 year graded at NTP
  • Electronics: 2 years

Benefits and features

  • Convenient package: Rugged, compact CO2 and O2 monitor ideal for ship or shore use.
  • User friendly: Easy to operate; simply connect to the chamber outlet and turn the monitor on. Backlit displays make viewing easier in poor light.
  • Extremely portable: Lightweight and easy to carry, the MRC MkII is suitable for monitoring multiple chambers and locations continuously 24 hours a day for 7 days before battery replacement.
  • Flexibility in the field: The MRC MkII operates from either external or internal power sources, and is able to accept a variety of sample pressures, up to a maximum of 8 Bar G.