O2NE Oxygen Depletion Monitor

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O2NE Oxygen Depletion Monitor

O2NE™ - Oxygen Depletion Monitor

The O2NE™ is a fixed oxygen depletion monitor. It is fitted with a digital display and comes complete with a remote alarm repeater as standard.



Which oxygen monitor is right for me?

To help decide which oxygen monitor matches your requirements the best please view our O2 monitor diagram. Should you not see a suitable solution then please contact Analox for more assistance.


Range: 0 to 25%

Alarms: 19.5% and 18%

Power: 230v AC UK or 230v AC EU or 100v DC US or 9 to 24v DC



The specification detailed above is for a standard unit. Should you require a different configuration please call to discuss your requirements


To fit the O2NE you will require a drilling template. Click here to download additional drilling templates if required.

View Spares and Accessories for O2NE Oxygen Depletion Monitor


 Product NameProduct Code
110l Cylinder, 24% O2 Bal N2, +/-2% tolerance, (N2 enviroments) SA7L110150
110l Cylinder, 24% O2 Bal N2, +/-2% tolerance,inc regulator (N2 enviroments) SA7L110150K
8M QC Cable for Daisychain Repeater 9300-5004
8M QC Repeater Extension Cable Kit 9300-5010
Calibration Kit SA7L20OXCAL
Daisychain Quick Connect Repeater with 8M cable and M-M connector REP1QX01
O2 Calibration Flow Adaptor 8000-0910A
O2 Calibration Kit - US Only SA7L70XCALUS
Replacement O2 cell for He versions of Analox O2NE and Analox Safe-Ox 9100-1250
Replacement Oxygen Cell 9100-1021

Download: /pic/O2NE-220.pdf