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CO Clear Carbon Monoxide Alarm














Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic gas which cannot be detected by sight or smell. It only takes a small concentration of carbon monoxide, breathed at pressure, to have an adverse effect on the human body. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include fatigue, headaches and confusion. However, prolonged exposure could lead to unconsciousness, brain damage and even death.

The CO Clear™ is a fixed carbon monoxide alarm which monitors for high levels of carbon monoxide from diving compressors. With visual and audible alarm warnings to rising CO levels, the CO Clear™ is both easy to use and cost effective. This wall mounted analyser is designed to provide continuous ‘on line’ monitoring for the presence of CO in Breathing Air Compressor Lines.

The CO Clear™ is designed to take a 6mm O/D (Outer/ Diameter) reduced sample line, providing a flow rate of 1.5l/min.


CO range:

0 to 10ppm

Alarm Set Points:
3ppm and 5ppm

Power Options:
230V AC, 110V AC or 24V DC

Output Options:
Relay, 4 to 20mA

The specification detailed above is for a standard unit. Should you require a different configuration please call to discuss your requirements.