HD-1100 Real Time Dust Monitor

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HD-1100 Real Time Dust Monitor


    HAZ-DUST is a Real Time Dust Monitor Designed for Industrial Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality and Haz-Mat air monitoring Investigations

HAZ-DUST uses the latest in infrared technology which provides accurate an instantaneous data on airborne particle concentrations, in accordance with the regulatory NIOSH method 0600 for lung damaging Respirable particulates.

HAZ-DUST saves money by eliminating repetitious and costly gravimetric air sampling and the associated time delays involved with laboratory analysis.

With HAZ-DUST your results are determined easily and immediately displayed.

By continuously monitoring lung-damaging particles HAZ-DUST protects the respiratory health of industrial personnel and reduces any potential liabilities, in addition to reducing the cost of your regulatory air monitoring program.

When coupled with the DL-103 data logger, maximum automation is achieved for data collection, statistical analysis, graphs and detailed report generation. Software is completely Windows compatible and easy to use.

If your company is concerned with air quality and its effects on workers & the community, the HAZ-DUST will help you comply with federal regulations for respiratory safety.


  • Determining level of respiratory protection
  • Survey of workplace for OSHA/EPA compliance
  • Qualifying off site particulate migration
  • Surveying for PM-10 and TSP levels
  • Monitoring dust generation during drilling/excavation operations
  • Evaluating dust suppression and engineering controls
  • Locating and identifying “Hot Spots”
  • Emergency Response & fugitive emissions compliance
  • Evaluating worker’s exposure to airborne contaminants
  • Dust collector/ventilation system checks
  • Monitoring lung damaging particles in factories & buildings
  • Can be used in all OSHA & EPA personal and ambient particulate air sampling applications


For all types of dust & aerosols

  • Lead
  • Silica
  • Welding Fumes
  • Coal
  • Wood/Paper
  • Concrete/Cement
  • Chromate
  • Nuisance Dust
  • Pharmaceutical Dust
  • Dry Chemicals
  • Heavy Metals/PCB’s
  • Paint Spray
  • Grain
  • Construction Dusts
  • Toxic Soil Remediation


  • Easy operation: Turn the instrument on and your results are immediately calculated.
  • High Sensitivity: Sensitive enough to monitor all OSHA/NIOSH reference methods.Sensitivity down to 0.01mg/m3.
  • Low Battery Indicator: Alerts the user when the battery needs recharging, so the unit is ready when you are.
  • Data Logging: DL-103 Data Logger and software provides management ready statistical reports. Allows for a complete time vs. concentration profile, which is impossible to obtain with filter/gravimetric techniques.
  • Rugged Construction: Lightweight case is able to withstand harsh environments and rough handling. A unique design provides protection against RFI/EMI


  • Specifications HD-1100

    Display: LCD 3.5 digits
    mg/m3 concentration reading
    Calibration: NIOSH 0600 (ARD test dust)
    Sensing range: 0.01-200mg/m3
    Particle size range: 0.1-50μm
    Precision: +/- 0.02mg/m3
    Accuracy: +/-10% to NIOSH #0600
    Power: 6VDC NiMH rechargeable battery
    Operating time: >8 hours
    Charging time: 10-12 hours
    Signal output: 0-2 volt
    Humidity: 95% non-condensing
    Dimensions: 9”x3”x1.5”
    Weight: 2lbs

    DL-103 Data Logger
    Single channel

    3 keys programmable operation
    Real-time clock display
    On screen calculation of statistics.
    Recording Time: 1 min to 12 hours
    Sampling Rate: 1 or 2 sec/sample
    Display: 4/20 alphanumeric LCD
    TWA, STEL, MAX/MIN concentration
    Start/stop time
    Memory: 21,500 data points
    Output: RS-232, 9600 baud
    Battery: 7.2v NiMH
    Operating Time: 12 hours
    Dimensions: 5.5×3.5×2.0 in
    Weight: 1lb.

    TP-111 Tripod Stand
    CS-111 Calibration Standard
    ZA-111 Zeroing Accessory
    KK-101 Cleaning Kit
    DustComm Pro 1.2: Software

Download: /pic/HD-1100-97.pdf