VDM-7500 portable wireless video dust monitor

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  Environmental Devices Corporation is an innovative global leader in real-time particulate monitors and is the first manufacturer to offer a turnkey portable wireless video dust monitor that is complete and affordable.

Digitally Record Work Place Exposures:
The VDM-7500 measures the levels of lung damaging particulates while simultaneously overlaying dust concentration on to video images. All data is displayed real-time on the computer screen. This technique allows the investigator to record and obtain certain events that are clearly linked to workers exposure of airborne contaminates. This provides a more effective and focused way to implementing recommendations for controlling employee health.

Actually see, record, and store streaming video and dust data of lung damaging exposures. This new technique is essential to employee health monitoring programs.

Traditional air sampling method for the collection only provides average (TWA) exposures and does not provide a visual time profile of the exposure. The new HAZ-DUST “V” method utilizes the VDM-7500 to overcome traditional limitations. The integration of video coupled with real-time particulate exposure measurements allows a more dynamic assessment in identifying and analyzing the contamination of air. Thus allowing for better control and documentation for improved decision-making.


  • Completely digital and wireless
  •  Real-time video and dust readings of any type of aerosol
  •  Record to disk feature allows for visual proof of any exposure
  •  True breathing zone measurements and size selective air sampling
  •  Allows for concurrent filter samples for further analysis
  •  Compact and rapidly deployable system that is easy to use

Allows both visual and direct readings of lung damaging dust exposure.

Toxic Waste 
Emergency Response
Paint Spray
Welding Fumes


  •  Determining levels of worker respiratory protection for OSHA
  • Compliance program reviews
  • Evaluating work practices and controls
  • Safety audits
  • NIOSH Video exposure monitoring for real-time graphical overlays
  • Welding fume exposures
  • Air quality studies in occupational health and industrial hygiene
  • Haz-Mat air quality investigation and waste site remediation

Think of the possibilities… See and Record what you have been missing

Agricultural/Mining Industry:
  • Coal Dust
  • Silica and Mineral Dust
  • Farming Operations;  sugar dust, cotton, grain, etc
Furniture/Wood/Construction Industry:
  • Wood Dust
  • Paint Spray
Pharmaceutical Industry:
  •  Dry Chemical Dust
  • Dust from Manufacturing Process
Hazardous Waste Industry:
  •  Toxic Soil Remediation
  •  Dust from the Disposal of Cadmium, Lead, Chromate, Silica, etc.
Welding/Heavy Industry:
  • Welding Fumes
  • Grinding Dust
Insurance/Security Industry:
  • Document, Measure, and Video Tape any airborne dust that can be considered a potential liability or threat of human repertory health 

Specifications VDM-7500

LCD-4line, 20 character mg/m3  and wireless
Four key splash proof membrane switch
NIOSH gravimetric reference
NIST Traceable – SAE Fine test dust
Accuracy: +/- 10% to filter gravimetric SAE dust
Sensing Range: 0.01-200 mg/m3
Particulate Size Range: 0.1 to 100μm
Precision: +/- 0.02- mg/m3
Sampling Flow Rate: 1.0 – 3.3 liters/minute
Filter Cassette: 37mm disposable
Analog Output: 0-2 vdc
Alarm Output: 90db at 3ft
Recording Time: 1 second to 21 weeks
Sampling Time: 1 sec., 1min. and 10min. intervals
Data Storage: 21,500 data points
Security Code: 4 digit combinations
Memory & Time Storage: > 5 years
Real-Time Clock and Data Display
Hours, min., sec., day, month, year
Concentration in mg/m3
TWA, MAX, MIN, STEL, date, time
Digital Output: RS-232
DustComm Software: Windows driven
Power: Ni-Cad rechargeable battery
Operating Time: >8 hours
Charging Time: 10-12 hours
Dimensions (case): 9.75” x 3.50” x 2.45”
Sensor Dimensions: 1.75” x 1.5”
Weight: 2.75 lbs.
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50º C
Storing Temperature: -20 to 70º C
Humidity: 95% non-condensing

Video Camera/Radio Modem Wireless TX/RX
Video Camera…Color 2.4 GHz, NTSC to Video Board
Modem Interface:……..RS-232 (serial COM) port
Serial Data Rate:…Variable up to 38,400 bytes/sec.
RF Data Rate:………………20,000 bits per second
RF Distance:…..Up to 350 feet (150 meters), line-of-sight
Power Source:………………Rechargeable Battery
Operating Time:……8 Hours battery life or continuous AC

Portable System PC
-Keyboard  & Mouse: 108 key Windows XP English/US.
-Video card 30 frame per/sec

Full monitor color optional 4 camera video system
-Intel Motherboard model: serial com port
-Pentium 4 CPU processor 2.6 GHz
-Power Supply PS2 400 watt Auto switch 110/220
-HDD 80GB IDE (7,200RPM)
-CD Rom
-14.1” TFT display