Measuring Systems

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Measuring systems


Use our measuring, alignment and detection tools and software throughout your construction process.

Stake out for excavations, measure and layout foundations, scan concrete, level, align in interior finishing, renovate, carry out exterior finishing and more.

We offer detection tools – concrete scanners – for non-destructive structural analysis, to detect embedded metal and non-metal objects. You can see real-time results on the scanners’ screens or use our PROFIS Detection software for detailed analysis of the scan data.

We also offer layout tools and PROFIS Layout Office software. Design layout points without the need for a skilled engineer and transfer them from your design to your layout tools and then onto the jobsite.

Our rotating lasers, multi-line lasers, robotic total stations and laser range meters are all designed to be durable and easy to operate.

For more information, take a look at our detailed product page or contact your local Hilti team.