LED-Life Evaluation System

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LED-HAST LED Life Evaluation using HAST Chamber became Possible !!
The system is capable of evaluating the light output degradation of LED in a short period.
This system measures the light output
and forward voltage (Vf) of a LED under
HAST conditions (temperature:120℃, relative humidity:85%),
and evaluates the light output degradation in a short period.
A combination of the HAST chamber and LED life evaluation system enables the highly accelerated life
evaluation of a LED.
・Test environment : temperature 120℃, relative humidity 85%
・Number of test channels in total : up to 40 channels
 Number of test channels per measuring device (LBU) : 8 channels
 Number of measuring devices per HAST chamber : up to 5 units
・Constant current is supplied to each test channel.
 Range of constant current : 1mA - 500mA
・The forward voltage (Vf) can be measured along with the light output.
・The tendency of the light output degradation becomes clear within one week.
・The measurement data can be converted into a CSV format.
・The data sampling interval can be set by minutes.
A measurement data can be converted into a CSV format
The PC can import the measurement data from the measuring device via USB interface.
The measurement data is stored, processed and graphed by a PC. The data sampling interval
and display output can be set by minutes. (Relative light output degradation and changes in Vf)


■Photoelectric Device (PDU)
■Interface Cable

■Measuring Device (LBU)
Main Specification
TYPE L-LBU 805 L-LBU 810 L-LBU 815
Measurement Specification Number of outputs 8 channels 8 channels 8 channels
Output current range 0~0.5A 0~1A 0~1.5A
Open voltage 5V 9V 9V
Output Specification Electric current
measurement of LED (If)
0~0.5A 0~1A 0~1.5A
Forward voltage
measurement of LED (Vf)
0~5V 0~9V 0~9V