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HVAC Wireless Analyser Code: HG3

The best HVAC/R tool on the market today.

The features are incredible with application to your day to day servicing and company needs are a key feature. Train yourself and others to do the fundamental functions of testing and tuning refrigeration systems or heating systems, including combustion heaters  boilers. The unit offers suggestions as to what the cause maybe to recify some problems.

Commission systems with the built-in air volume calculator using our anemometers. Diagnose problems via the 13 point wireless logging system - all similtaneously.

Unit holds 200 tests and are uploadable & Downloadable to database. Printout your report in a spreadsheet, add your company logo and address. Fill the Technician and Site detail and your done. This is the best form of verification that your customer can get, check it again at the next service and compare the readings.......get it back to where the system performs.

Tests include -

  1. Target Evaporator Exit Temp. Test 
  2. Superheat for Fixed Orifice & TX Valve Test
  3. Sub-Cooling Test
  4. Combustion Analysis Test
  5. Air Volume Test
  6. Full System Overview Test with "CheckMe Analysis"
  7. 13 x Multipoint similtaneous data logging
  8. Use to read any Accessory Head when on the "display" Position

Download HG-3 manual [4.2mb].

What's Included

  • HG3 System Analyser with wireless functions 
  • ATH4-Dual Temp Accessory Head
  • ETW2-Wireless Transmitter. Converts any of our Accessory Heads
  • Dry bulb & Wet bulb K-Type Thermocouples
  • Software & Cable
  • ANC8 - Storage Case

ET2W Wireless Transmitter connect to any Fieldpiece accessory head to easily make your accessory heads into standalone wireless instruments. Wireless signals can be sent from up to 25 metres away, so you can take your wet bulb measurements and have the live data in your hand while working on the condenser.