Rod K-Type Thermocouple for Fluids-ATF1

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Rod K-Type Thermocouple for Fluids – ATF1









The ATF1 is a K-type rod thermocouple for submerging into liquids and measuring temperature. Use with the ATEXT10 extension for easier maneuverability – especially with thermometers with K-type jacks on the face of the meter. The rod can withstand high temperatures up to 1472°F. Measures air temperature too. The cone tip can help in piercing semi-solids such as food, but it’s not sharp enough for piercing ductwork. The ATF1 can be used with any of our meters that measure temperature and any thermometer accepting a K-type thermocouple.


Accuracy: ±3°F (-40 - 707°F); ±1.5°C (-40 - 375°C), ±0.4% (707 - 1472°F); (375 - 800°C)
Temperature range:
-40°F – 1472°F (-40°C – 800°C)
Rod Material:
Stainless steel probe tip.
Rod Diameter:
0.125 inches.
Thermocouple conductors:
K-type nickel chromium/nickel aluminum.
Probe insulation:
800°C applies to metal rod only. Max temperature for plastic handle (Bakelite) is 392°F (200°C) and 221°F (105°C) for cable.
K-type thermocouple male mini plug.