Digital Thermohygrometer Model SK-110TRH II Type 1

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Digital Thermohygrometer Model SK-110TRH II Type 1

Digital Thermohygrometer Model SK-110TRH II Type 1
Digital thermohygrometer with a standard probe (Type 1).
This probe is ideal for measurement in computer rooms, factories or labs.


Cat. No. 8111-00 8112-00 8113-00 8114-00 8115-00
Type Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5
Temperature -10 to 60.0°C
Humidity 20.0 to 98.0% rh (at 23°C)
Temperature -15 to 65.0°C
Humidity 0 to 99.9 %rh
Resolution Temperature 0.1°C at -9.9°C or higher, 1°C at other range
Humidity 0.1% rh at 15%rh or higher, 1 % rh at other range
Accuracy Temperature ±0.5°C at 15.0 to 35.0°C
±1°C at other than above
Humidity ±3% rh : 30 to 90%rh at 15.0 to 35.0°C
±7% rh : at less than 0°C and higher than 50.0°C
±5% rh : Other than above
Sensor Temperature Thermistor
Humidity High polymeric resistance change type
Operating ambient Main Unit : 0°C to 50°C , lower than 80% rh, no condensing
Probe : -10°C to 60°C , no condensing
Sampling time approx. 1 sec.
Display LCD (temperature and RH are displayed simultaneously)
Functions Dual display for R. humidity and temperature
Battery: insufficient voltage of battery
Power requirements 3VCD ("AAA" size alkaline batteries x 2)
Battery life about 600 hours in continuous use
(w/ alkaline batteries at normal temperature)
Dimensions Main body (W)70 x (H)168 x (D)26.5 mm (Materials : ABS resin)
Probe (Grip) Ø20 x (L) 224 mm

Ø18.7 x (L)130 mm

(Sensing part and stem) Ø20 x (L) 35 mm Ø9 x (L) 55 mm +  Ø8 x (L) 294 mm Ø8 x (L) 338 mm Ø6 x (L) 1000 mm Ø8 to 18.7 x (L) 130 to 885 mm
Probe cord Ø4 x (L)1340mm Ø4 x (L)960mm Ø4 x (L)960mm Ø4 x (L)1340mm Ø4 x (L) 600 to 1350 mm
Weight (approx.) 260 g 330 g 330 g 280 g 310 g
Standard accessories hand strap, "AAA" size alkaline battery x 2, test report, carrying case

* Options: Glass sensor filter (No.8084-50), exclusive use for Type 1

Accuracy of R. Humidity

Carrying case for Type 1, 4, 5   Carrying case for Type 2, 3