Digital Thermohygrometer PC-7700II

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Digital Thermohygrometer PC-7700II

Digital Thermohygrometer PC-7700II
With the easy-to-see bar indicators and MAX/MIN calues constantly displayed, this thermohygrometer is a good interior piece to monitor a room ambience.
Desktop or wall-mount use.


Measuring range Temperature: -10 to 50°C
Humidity: 20 to 95%rh
Display range Temperature: -10 to 50°C
Humidity: 14 to 99%rh
* When the humidity is under or over the measurable range, a reference value is displayed.
Bar indication range Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Humidity: 0 to 100%rh
Accuracy Temperature: ±1°C (at 10 to 40°C)
±2°C (other than above)
Humidity: ±5%rh(at 15 to 35°C, 40 to 70%rh)
±7%rh (other than above)
Materials ABS resin, Acrylic resin
Power requirement "AAA" manganese battery(R03) x 1
Battery life approx. one year
Dimensions (W)150 x (H)85 x (D)17mm
Weight approx. 135g (with a battery)