220GF Atomic Absorption Graphite Furnace Package

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220GF Atomic Absorption Graphite Furnace Package

220GF Atomic Absorption Graphite Furnace Package

Our Graphite furance package includes the Buck 210VGP with Graphite furnace and 40 position auto sampler with 8 standard positions.
Our rear mounted furnace saves precious bench space while heating tubes 2,800 degrees Celcius in 1.5 seconds.
The 40 position autosampler measures the exact sample size each and every time for great reproducibility.
We throw in an Argon regulator, Matrix Modifier kit, Buck Analyst software and 3 Hollow cathode lamps and standards for free* to sweaten the deal!  That's a savings of $2,425.00!

Unique Furnace Design :
The Model 220 GF accessory is the latest technology in PPB level analyses by graphite furnace AA. This fully integrated design uses an innovative, unique technology in a compact powerful furnace module. The quick-mount design permits rapid changeover between furnace and flame heads.

Capabilities :
The unique power supply in our furnace is capable of generating temperatures up to 2800°C in 1.5 seconds This ultra-fast heating rate provides superior sensitivity in refractory elements and carbide-forming metals. The on-board firmware gives the analytical chemist full control of all aspects of the analysis. Gas flows (external, internal, mini-internal and auxiliary are standard), data collection (integrated, real-time, peak height or absorbance area) and electronic parameters for the hollow cathode lamps and the various background correction routines can all be programmed by the operator for maximum results.

Methods :
The Stabilized-Temperature Graphite Furnace AA (STGFAAS) procedure insures the highest accuracy and reproducibility. The 210VGP can initiate multistep sequences with alternate gas purging for fully optimized STGFAAS.

System Integration :
The integration of the controlling software with the furnace module is comprehensive, and methods development time can easily be cut in half by using our protocols to refine an analytical method. The Model 220AS random-access autosampler will fully automate your analytical operations without the need for an external PC to control the system. By incorporating a sample ID table within the software, complete data handling can be done internally.

Dimensions: 16"H x 12"W x 6"D, Net Weight equal to or less than 38 lbs
Back-Mounted Microprocessor-Controlled, high-Frequency (2KHz) Graphite Furnace module with
3000ºC /second heating rate. Maximum Temperature 3200ºC.
Self contained assembly attaches directly to the 210 or 211 AA unit with no external computer interfacing cables or connectors. Contains Four ( 4 ) automatically controlled gas ports for sheath, internal, diluent, and auxiliary gas flows.
Preprogrammed furnace temperature programs for all elements.
No external computer required for operation.
1-Year Full Parts & Labor Warranty
Buck Scientific Support for Operations, Applications & Service.
220AS Autosampler

Complete system automation can be achieved using the Model 220AS autosampler.  This fully programmable, random access system provides 40 sample cups and 8 calibration/QC cups.  It can also perform automatic matrix modifier additions. Sample cups can be identified in the built-in table, and method development time can be reduced substantially.
Random access rotating tray accommodates 40 2ml sample vials, 8 10ml Standards vials.
All positions directly accessed through 210 or 211 built-in software via RS-232 connection

Sample injection volume programmable from 1 to 50 micro-liters
Injector probe arm 7 inches long, rotates 180º for delivery to graphite tube. Two separate matrix modifier injections programmable. Extra inject and dry cycles to increase injection volumes.
No external computer required for operation.

Dimensions: 11” x 12” x 13”
Weight: 20 Lbs

1-Year Full Parts & Labor Warranty
Buck Scientific Support for Operations,
Applications & Service.