240AS Flame Autosampler for Buck 210 & 211

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240AS Flame Autosampler for Buck 210 & 211

240AS Flame Autosampler for Buck 210 & 211

Easy Set-Up and Operation: Out-of-the-box set-up allows a
fully operational system the day of delivery.

Internet Accessible Firmware: Downloadable firmware
from the Internet simplifies the reprogramming process.

Corrosion Resistant: Sealed electronics chassis, conformal
coated electronic boards and coated main driver screw protect
against the harshest of chemical environments.

Superior Material Construction: Inert, metal-free PTFE
and PEEK liquid fl ow path decreases sample contamination
risk and prolongs the life of the instrument.
Motor Torque: Powerful X, Y, Z axis movement resists effects
of environmental buildup.

Never Misses a Cup: Precision engineered automated
sample probe arm and stationary sample racks virtually
eliminate errors.

Auto-Zero Feature: Intelligent sample probe
re-homing device dramatically reduces accidental sample
intake errors.

Integrated Rinse Station: Continuous flow sample
probe rinse station with peristaltic pump minimizes sample
contamination and carryover.

Space Saving Design: Small footprint enables the
autosampler to be placed in front, on top, or next to the host
instrument, freeing up valuable laboratory bench space.