Variable Area Flow meter

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Variable Area Flow meter


HH5 series variable area flow meter is a kind of measuring meter which the flow rate is changing along with the area and is widely used in the process control of industrial automation. It has the merit of little volume, broad measuring range and convenience for use. It can be used to measure liquid, gas and vapor flow especially fits for the flow rate measurement of low flow velocity and little flow rate.
HH5 series variable area flow meter has local indication type and smart remote type with a pointer LCD displaying instantaneous/ accumulated flow rate, upper-limit and lower-limit alarm output, accumulative pulse output, batch control, standard two-wire 4-20mA current output, ect. Additionally, this instrument employs advanced microprocessing central chip and high-quality industrialized components of Motorola Corporation to ensure the good performances of flow meters in all application fields.
For many years variable area flow mete rare well received by many industries such as petrochemical, steel and iron, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, food, pharmacy and water processing.

Features of Variable Area Flowmeter:


  • Low requirements to straight pipe part
  • Broader ratio of flow rate 10:1
  • Two-wire LCD indicator; instant/accumulated display of flow rate are available; backlight option.
  • Single axis and sensitive display
  • Rotation of non-contact magnetic coupling
  • Can be applied to hazardous occasions such as flammable and explosive ones
  • All-metal structure, fit for high temperature, high pressure and mediums with strong erosion.
  • Power supply such as two-wire system, battery, alternating current option
  • Multi-parameters calibration function
  • Function of date recovery, date copy and power-off protection



Technical data of Variable Area Flowmeter:

Measuring range

water ( 20°C) 1- 200000 I/h

Air ( 20°C, 0.1013 Mpa) 003-4000m3/h

Make reference to flow rate sheet, order for special flow rate

Ratio of spans

standard type 10 : 1

special type 20 : 1


standard type class1.5

special type class1.0

Pressure Class

DN15-DN50 4.0Mpa;DN80 -DN200 1.6Mpa;

Special type:DN15-DN50 25Mpa;DN80 -DN200 16Mpa;

Pressure class of clamp cover is 11.6 Mpa

Contact the plant for special type before choosing the type and ordering

Pressure loss


Medium temperature

standard type : -80°C~ + 200°C : PTFE : 0°C~ 85°C

High temperature type : at most 400°C

Medium viscosity

DN 15 : ŋ  < 5mPa.s ( F15.1-F15.3 )

       ŋ  < 30mPa.s ( F15.4-F15.8 )

DN 25 : ŋ  < 250mPa.s

DN 50-DN 150 : ŋ  < 300mPa.s

Ambient temperature

liquid crystal type -30°C~+85°C

Pointer type -40°C~ +120°C

Connection forms

DIN 2510 standard flange

Special type : flange and thread appointed by users of any standard

Cable interface

M20 × 1.5

Power Supply

standard type : 24V DC two-wire 4~20 mA ( 10.8 VDC ~ 36 VDC)

Alarm output

upper limit and lower limit instant flow rate alarm

Standard type: collect electrode open circuit output ( at most 100mA@ 30VDC inner impedance 100Ω)

Special type : relay output ( feeler capacity at most 5A @ 250 VAC )

pulse output

accumulated pulse output, least interval 50 milliseconds

Liquid crystal display

indication range of instant flow rate : 0-50000

Indication range of accumulated flow rate : 0-99999999

Protection class


Explosion-proof symbols

intrinsically safe : Exia IICT3-6

Explosion separation type : ExdIIBT4