YT790Z010 STP-iXR1606 ISO200F

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STP-iXR1606 ISO200F

YT790Z010 - STP-iXR1606 ISO200F


STP-iXR1606 seriesmagnetically levitated turbo-molecular pump provides industry-leading performance and incorporates latest technology small power supply into the onboard control which is the same concept with STP-iXA2206/iXA3306 series. The pumping performance is improved by the newest developed revolutionary rotor design. This fully integrated product offers easy installation and small footprint as an all-in-one solution for all application tools.


  • Glass Coating
  • Solar PVD
  • Industrial Sputtering

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates connection cable between pump and control unit.
  • Eliminates installation space and cost required by conventional rack type control unit.
  • Compact design results in easy installation and small foot print.
  • Highest pumping speed in the 8” TMP class, along with the STP-A1603.
  • 32% reduced power consumption in the high gas flow area.
  • I/O Remote, RS232C, RS485, STP-Link are standard ports
  • Profibus and DeviceNet can be selected as options

Technical Data

Intel Flange Size VG150 VG200/VG250
  ISO160F ISO200F/ISO250F
  ICF203 ICF253/ICF305
Backing port size KF40 KF40
Pump Speed    
N2 900 ls-1 1600 ls-1
H2 600 ls-1 1200 ls-1
Compression ratio  
N2 >108
H2 1 x 103
Ultimate pressure 10-7 Pa (10-9 Torr)
Allowable backing pressure 266 Pa (2 Torr)
Max Gas size N2  (water cooled only) 4700  sccm
  (7.94 Pam3s-1)
Max Gas size Ar  (water cooled only) 1800 sccm
  (3.04 Pam3s-1)
Rated speed 36,500 rpm
Starting time 8 min
Mounting position Any orientation
Input voltage 200 to 240 (± 10) V a.c.
Maximum input power 750 VA
­Weight 48 kg