HT300L Autosampler from nano- to micro- and to large-volumes

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Autosampler from nano- to micro- and to large-volumes


HT300L offers superior reliability and performances by its syringe sampling system. Within the standard configuration, we offer: Syringe (No low-cost / low-performance pressure based system), Full & Partial loop sampling techniques, Derivatisation and Dilution capability, and Bubble elimination functions.

By its flexibility and its modular configuration, it is compatible with almost all HPLC and LC/MS systems that are available on the market. Easy-to-use: programmed by the integrated keypad or  by Clarity DataApex chromatography data system.

Within the standard configuration the autosampler is equipped with an automatic 6-way vertical injection-port valve. Although the rotating head design allows easy access to the injection valve for manual injections.

Direct syringe injection minimizes dead volume, reducing carry-over. By a short flow path (made up only by the syringe and the valve) it is able to handle even the most aggressive solvents. Full and partial loop are performed both with very high accuracy values. In fact the accuracy of the sampled quantity is handled by the syringe (and not only by the loop, as per pressure based autosampler).

At the price of an entry-level autosampler, it can perform (already in the standard configuration) the derivation and the dilution of the sample. Furthermore, by a variable fill speed it allows a wide range of sample viscosities with incredible performance (linearity: typical Area/Quantity value 0.999999).

BIO Option

To handle biocompatible samples without buying expensive upgrade or dedicated autosamplers.
Large Volume Option

For injection sample up to 10ml and more. Based on the same HT300L platform, it is provided with solvent and waste nozzle for unlimited solvent/waste capacity.
Nano Volume Option

Special version designed for sub-microliter injections. It features extraordinary analitycal performance with the highest reliability.
Double Loop Option

Allow the simultaneous installation of two loops of different sizes (e.g.: 20µl and 100µl). You can switch loop by front panel without any hardware change: switching loop has never been so easy!
Plus Option

HT300LPlus, based on HT300L, bundles the features of a standard autosampler with the features of a mini versatile preparative station, at a cost not much higher than the standard autosampler.

In "Autosampler" modality HT300LPlus offers the same performances as HT300L.

In "Preparative Station" modality HT300LPlus is able to carry out a large number of preparative steps: users can write their favourite methods by the selection of basic actions:

  • Derivatisation: single and multiple (use of more solvents required), by solvent vials or by other sample vials on the tray. PH spiking is supported;
  • Dilution: serial and parallel;
  • External events: total management of hand-shake signals; association with each functions and with each method steps is possible;
  • Injections: total management of all relevant parameters (volumes, speed, delay). Partial Injections: use of different volume for drawing and for dispensing into the injector;
  • Multiple Injections;
  • Liquid displacing from vial to vial;
  • Method: serial (preparative steps executed immediately before the injection, in order to assure uniform times from preparation to injection for all the samples) and parallel one's (preparative steps are performed for all the samples, then injections are executed iin order to optimize time and to reduce solvent use);
  • Mixing by syringe;
  • Solid Phase Extraction, by MEPS cartridge;
  • Timer: to manage events and delay;
  • Use in online modality (with direct injection into the GC, GC/MS or other supported analyzer) and offline modality (preparative operations without direct injection);
  • Washing cycle: total management of liquid (solvents and samples), volumes, repetitions and selection of method steps.

In "Preparative Station" modality Personal Computer is required, in order to define methods and to manage their execution. The software offers a multi-user rights system (different access levels for the lab manager and the operator) and the possibility to interact with external applications.