Mercury Monitoring System MMS

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Mercury Monitoring System MMS
Automatic Monitoring of Mercury in Air and other Gases

Mercury Instruments

  • Monitors 2 to 24
    Measuring Points Automatically
  • Versions for other Gases available
  • Permanent Purging of all Sample Lines
  • Ranges from 0.01 µg/m³
    to 2000 µg/m³ Hg
  • Automatic Calibration Module
  • Software for Data Acquisition,
    Data Visualisation and Storage

Benefits of the MMS
Mercury Monitoring

  • low maintenance demand
  • no sensitivity for water vapor
  • high stability of calibration
  • quick response time


The sample is continuously drawn from each sampling point through special tubing to a heated multiplexer valve unit. One sample at a time is fed into the Mercury Vapor Monitor where the mercury concentration is measured. All sample lines are permanently purged with sample thus minimizing the response time of the system. By this method sample line lengths of 100 m and even more can be employed.

System Design

The MMS system basically comprises a multiplexer-valve unit and a highly accurate and selective mercury detector. A bypass pump maintains a steady flow of sample through the sample filters, sample lines and multiplexer valves. Flow meters with optical alarm sensors guarantee that flow rates are stable. All components are installed inside a protective cabinet. A special version employing the Mercury UltraTracer UT-3000 as detector is available for concentrations in the sub-µg/m³ range. Options like air conditioning assure reliable function of the system even under extreme climatic conditions.

Applications of the MMS:

Monitoring of mercury in

  • chlor-alkali plants with mercury cells
  • metallurgical industry
  • fluorescent lamp production or recycling
  • battery recycling plants
  • contaminated sites
  • natural gas industry (see separate product information "MMS-NG)