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IAQ monitors
Highly Accurate, Durable, Compact and User-friendly Instruments

Photo: AQ100 & AQ200 IAQ Meters for CO2, CO, Termperature, and Humidity

NEW - Environmental IAQ Meters

The New, Advanced AQ Series are highly accurate, durable, compact and user-friendly IAQ monitors, designed to meet the needs of testing professionals in ANY Air Quality applications (Inspectors, Laboratories, HVAC, IAQ, Greenhouse, Offices, Commercial, Residential, and many more).

Indoor Air Quality

  • AQ Expert
  • AQ100 IAQ Meter (CO2 + Temp)
  • AQ200 IAQ Meter (CO2 + CO + Temp + Humidity)

Multifunctional IAQ Analyzer (build-your-own)

  • AMI300 — CO2, CO, Temp, RH, Pressure, Airflow, Speed, and much more


Download: /pic/AMI300-USA-999.pdf

Download: /pic/AQ100-USA-999.pdf

Download: /pic/AQ200-USA-999.pdf

Download: /pic/AQ-Expert-999.pdf