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Pressure / Manometers
Highly Accurate, Durable, Compact and User-friendly Instruments
Photo: MP PRO Series of Pressure Manometers

NEW - MP PRO Series of Pressure Manometers

The Advanced MP PRO Series are highly accurate, durable, compact and user-friendly instruments designed to meet the needs of testing professionals in ANY application (Laboratories, HVAC, IAQ, Boiler Inspection & Setup, and much more).

  • MP105 Series Differential Pressure Manometer
    (0 to ±200inH2O)
  • MP120 Series Differential Pressure Manometer + Air Velocity Meter IN ONE TOOL!
  • MP200 Series Multifunctional Thermo–Anemo–Manometers with Interchangeable modules for Pressure, Temp, and Air Velocity


Measuring element

piezoresistif sensor

Overpressure allowed


MP105 : 1.4bar

MP 120 : 250 mbar

Pressure connectors

MP 120 : Ø 6.2 mm barbed connectors

made of nickelled brass

MP 105 et 112 : Ø 4.6 mm threaded connectors

made of nickelled brass


2 lines, LCD technology. Sizes 50 x 34.9 mm.

1 line of 5 digits with 7 segments (value)

1 line of 5 digits with 16 segments (unit)



Shock-proof made of ABS, IP54 protection


Metal-coated with 5 keys


electromagnetical compatibility (NF EN 61326-1 guideline)

Power supply

1 alkaline battery 9V 6LR61

Operating temperature

from 0 to 50°C

Storage temperature

from -20 to +80°C

Auto shut-off

adjustable from 0 to 120 min


6.7 oz.


English, French


Download: /pic/MP105-MP120-1002.pdf