PPC-P Compact Pneumatic Pressure Calibrators

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PPC-P Compact Pneumatic Pressure Calibrators
Our PPC-P compact pressure calibrators are ideal for checking and calibrating pneumatic pressure transmitters and indicators in the field or lab.

Photo: PPC-P 2/7/10/20 Digital Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator with Hand Pump

  • Built-in Pressure Pump, Vernier Adjustment Valves, & Release Valves
  • Microprocessor based unit built for Heavy Duty Field & Lab Use
  • DC Current Measurements
    Active Loop: 50mA
    Passive Loop: 25mA
  • Overall Accuracy
    PPC-P 2/7/10/20 - P:
    ±0.05% F.S. +1 digit
    Graphic: New! PPC-P 2/7/10/20 - P+:
    ±0.025% F.S. +1 digit
  • Engineering Units:
    Mpa, atm, Bar, Kg/CM2, PSI, inHg, ftH2O, mmHg, mBar, CmH2O, mmH2O, Pa
  • Resolution mA/V:
  • Rechargeble Battery & Low Battery Indicator
  • Touch Membrane Keypad
  • Ideal site tool for checking & calibration of pressure
  • Sturdy, Compact, Elegant, and Portable Case