EQZ/TRZ Volumetric flow Meter for gas and industrial gases.

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EQZ/TRZ Volumetric flow Meter for gas and industrial gases.

Measuring principle radial turbine
Measuring range  3÷650 m³/h as a function of the diameter
Output signal pulses low medium and high frequency
Process connection  Flanged DN 50 - 80 - 100; Threaded G 1½" - G 2"
Materials cast iron, aluminum, steel
Temperature up to 60°C - Pressure max 6 bar

Eqz/trz volumetric flow meter for gas and industrial gases. flow rates up to 650 m³/h

Download: /pic/EQZ-TRZ-Volumetric-flow-Meter-for-gas-and-industrial-gases.-1120.pdf

The radial turbine meters are suitable for measuring a wide range of gaseous fluids: air, methane, nitrogen, inert gases, carbon monoxide, propane, butane and gaseous hydrocarbons.
The robust construction and high accuracy to deal with them in key industry sectors and particularly in the processes of quality control and production efficiency.
All sizes are available with a register counter 8-digit non resettable counters and pulse outputs of different frequencies: low, medium and high.
There is the possibility of installing the meter on the line only when it is required the actual use.
There are classes of measurement by G16 to G400 (fiscal measures) from Q16 to Q400 (industrial measurement).
You can combined 4 different pulse generators: 2xNF low frequency, 1xMF average frequanza and 1xHF high frequency. It  is full of outlet pressure.

The brake of inertia is optional and it eliminates the error of the end-of-travel in intermittent operation (on-off), typical of the traditional turbine meters, without restricting the cmapo of portata. In the realization of the measure line monotube the fitting can be installed prior to the meter and have two types of cover: one that lets the fluid and one that will not let him pass.

It can be installed in any position, horizontal or vertical. The replacement of meters on the system is very easy and the connection pipe is on the line separating the meter from the pipe connection makes installation, maintenance and replacement simple and flexible.

Models available

  • EQZ: for internal measurements are not subject to official checks
  • EQZK: for measurements of corrosive gases (such as biogas)
  • TRZ: for paid traffic with legal verification