EK220 Converter to volumes with feature flexible of datalogger

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EK220 Converter to volumes with feature flexible of datalogger

Volume corrector for turbine meters for gas
Pressure sensor and temperature integrated
Digital output signal 4
Embedded datalogger
Materials Housing: cast aluminum
Temperature up to 55 ° C
Ek220 converter to volumes with feature flexible of datalogger

EK220 is a converter of volumes on battery power. The device detects pulses at low frequanza the volume of gas measured under the conditions of exercise from a gas meter, measures the pressure and the temperature of the gas, calculates the compressibility coefficient K and the conversion factor C.
Using these initial data, we can calculate the volume of gas at standard conditions, the values of flow rate at standard conditions and flow rates to the operating conditions.

The converter of volumes is constituted by a central unit equipped with a pressure sensor integrated or external and a temperature sensor. The sensors are connected to the unit permanently. The compressibility coefficient K can be programmed as a fixed value for all gases or calculated according to various methods.
Thanks to the four digital outputs, to the flexibility of the data logging function in addition to the serial interface freely configurable, and the availability of different communication protocols, the EK220 can be used for various applications in the field of measurement of natural gas and its monitoring station.

Add-ins for retransmission data and for insulation explosion-proof interface and the external intrinsically safe expand the range of possible uses of the converter.

In addition to the conversion of gas volumes and data storage (data logging), EK220 can be used for the detection of various measured values flexible and, in combination with a modem or remote data transmission unit (RTU), for the monitoring of the system.

The device is provided with two additional digital inputs, used to record and monitor the sensors signaling, such as safety valves of blocking of pressure regulators and differential pressure of the filter, or for a simple door contact. The signals from these sensors can be saved as an event in an archive and re-transmitted automatically as a text message or e-mail via a modem connected.
Optionally, the converter volumes can be equipped with a second external pressure sensor, which detects the pressure in the outgoing or incoming of the measuring system or to monitor the limit values.


  • Conversion of gas volumes for billing purposes
  • Data storage (data logging) for various applications
  • Monitoring of measured values and typical functions of a measuring station