GI-T Series Autoclave

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GI-T Series Autoclave

Main Features

  • Microcomputer control system:“SMART III”microcomputer control system is adopted to realize not only the intelligentcontrols of the sterilization process but also the classified management of instruments(user, administrator and engineer three levels included).As a result,we can guarantee satisfactory use and management of autoclaves
  • Multilayeredpressure protection system: Our patented pressure interlocking device canautomatically sense the pressure in the sterilization chamber and tightlylocked, which effectively prevent personal injuries caused by spraying steamsarising from misoperation. The system can monitor the pressure changes in the sterilization chamber on a real-time basis. Upon detection of any pressureanomaly, the dual overpressure protection system consisting of a safety valveand a pressure protective device will actuated immediately to relieve pressuresor disconnect power supplies.
  • Uniqueanti-scald design: The cover and bench of the sterilization chamber are made of special plastics to give a nice look and avoid causing corrosions and scald.The unique steam discharge and collection system can help to prevent scald.
  • Multiple sterilization modes: Fivesterilization modes are preset for sterilization, drying and warming of scaldand liquid substances and for melting and warming of agar separately.
  • Temperature and pressure: Sterilizing temperature:105-135℃,Design Pressure:0.3Mpa

Safety and Function

  • Overheating prevention system: the system performs real-time monitoring on the temperaturechanges within the chamber of the sterilizer and conducts immediate power-offprotection in case of over high temperature of abnormal temperature changes
  • Automatic Troubleshooting system: Troubleshooting is conducted automaticallyupon startup. Acoustic alarms will be given and trouble code displayed if anytrouble occurs during equipment operation
  • Dry scorchprevention: the system performs real time monitoring on the water level withinthe chamber of the sterilizer and conducts immediate power off protection incase of over low water level.
  • Chamber cover checking system: the system automatically checks the situation of chamber cover, the sterilizer will fail to start if the chamber cover has notbeen properly locked.
  • Electricleakage protection: the system conducts immediate power off protection in case of electric leakage in order to protect the operator from being injured byelectric leakage.
  • Over current and short circuit protection: the system conducts immediate poweroff protection in case of over current or short circuit.
  • Overpressure test procedure: It is used to check if theoverpressure protection system has actuated safety valve or disconnected powersupplies upon detection of any pressure anomaly.

Other Functions

  • Memory system: The operator can set the sterilization parameters and create newprocedures that can be readily
  • Timed up: It is possible to preset a time program so that the autoclave can beautomatically started for sterilization according to the preset schedule.
  • Steam discharge control: Upon completion of sterilization procedure, the ventvalve can automatically open to discharge steams at the preset temperature