Autoclave of Uniclave Series

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Autoclave of Uniclave Series


Main Features:

  • Microcomputer control system:
  • Sterilization process can be pre-set and completedautomatically
  • Solid mode, liquid mode and drying function of Type R
  • Simple and easily understandable control panel to showthe sterilization temperature, sterilization time and drying time at the sametime, pressing separate keys to set the temperature and time makes theoperation easier
  • System automatically monitors the discharging of thecold air to guarantee a pure steam sterilization environment and optimalsterilization effects
  • LED screen clearly shows the dynamic sterilizationprocess
  • 13 error detection procedures to monitor the normaloperation of the instrument

Safety Devices:

Self-induction interlocking devicesto avoid risk of misuse
Dual overpressure protection system:upon detection of any abnormal pressure, system will relieve pressures ordisconnect power supplies
Over temperature protection system:power supply will be disconnected for protection upon detection of overtemperature
Dry scorch protection system: powersupply will be disconnected for protection upon detection of overlow waterlevel
Cover checking system: system canautomatically check the locking of the cover, if the cover is not tightlylocked, the autoclave can’t be started
Electric leakage, over current andshort circuit protection: system will disconnect the power supply to avoid anelectricity shock or other accidents
Unique anti-scald cover and bench:nice look and avoid causing corrosions and scald