CEL-620 Integrating Octave Band Digital Sound Level Meter

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Designed to make noise measurements with confidence!
The 24X Series is an easy to use range of instruments, designed to undertake noise
measurements for a variety of applications.
• Occupational noise
• Product noise
• Fire alarm testing
• Simple walk through noise surveys
Key features
• Simple operation
• Rugged design
• High resolution display
• Latest digital technology
• Fully compliant with IEC 61672
• Large measurement range
• Logging and Averaging models
• Greater than 35 hours battery life
• 2 year warranty
• USB output to PC with optional software
• Includes calibration certificate
Casella 24X Digital Sound Level Meters
www.casellameasurement.com Solutions for Risk ReductionFeatures
The 24X Series has a simple user interface using two ‘softkeys’,
which represent options displayed at the bottom of the screen.
This makes the instrument very easy to use and any setup changes
are retained the next time the unit is switched on. To accurately
measure fluctuating noise levels, the CEL-246 model measure
average values, integrated over time; Leq for European Standards
and Lavg for the USA. In order to quantify how noise varies with
time, the CEL-246 logging variant (CEL-246 stores 419,000 data
points) is also available to store the time history of the noise levels
as well as the levels for the overall measurement (e.g. maximum
and average levels, as detailed in the table below).
dB24 Software
This optional software allows
the CEL-246 real-time USB
output to be logged and
stored on a PC. Sound
pressure levels are stored
by dB24 every second into
a data file compatible with
PC based spreadsheet
applications. Data stored
within the CEL-246 can also
be accessed since these meters act like a memory stick, allowing
transfer of data to spreadsheet applications.
Technical Specification
Selectable ranges 30-100 or 60-130dB
Noise floor <33dB(A)
Time weightings Fast, Slow and Impulse
Frequency weightings A and C
Weight: 245g including batteries
Dimensions 72x212x31mm
Batteries 3x AA Alkaline or rechargeable
Battery life Greater than 35 hours
External power 5V via USB 2.0 ‘Mini B’ socket
Tripod mount 1/4” Whitworth socket
AC output 0.85V RMS @ FSD ‘A’ weighted
(Optional 0-1.3V DC instead of AC can
be specified at the time of ordering)
Operating conditions Relative humidity, 5 to 90% (non
condensing). Temperature, 0 to 40°C.
Atmospheric pressure, 65 to 108kPa.
Distributed by
SM09002 v1.2
CEL-6840 Kit case
CEL-6841 Spare windshield
CEL-6842 dB24 Software (optional)
CMC51 PC to USB cable (optional)
CEL-120/2 Acoustic Calibrator (Class 2)