MITECH GCT-8 Rail Way Flaw Detector

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MITECH GCT-8 Rail Way Flaw Detector

Introduction of the Instrument

GCT-8 Rail Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is a brand new digital barrow-style ultrasonic equipment of flaw detection. It is used to detect all kinds of flaws in rail materials ranged from 43kg/m~75kg/m. It is a new type of practical, dependable instrument of rail flaw detection.

This instrument fits in with the Railway Field Standard of People’s Republic of China TB/T 2340---2000 Technological Terms and Conditions of Multicenter A Scope Rail Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Instrument.

In order to enable you to master the operational skills of the instrument, please read through this User’s Manual carefully before using the instrument.

GCT-8 Rail Ultrasonic Flaw Detector has the following characteristics:

1. 7+1 detecting route ways

● 7 route ways are used to detect rail flaws, among which there are four 70° route ways, two 37° route ways and one 0° route way. Compared with the present same kinds of products, this instrument has two additional probes, strengthened the scanning consistency to rail head flaws, made up for the detecting blind area of the triangle section and improved the detecting rate of flaws.

● This instrument is equipped with a multifunctional Calibration route way which has both single and double receiving and sending function. It has been prefabricated K0.8, K1.0(200 indicate sound course, others like this), K1.5, K2.5 slanting and normal probes. It can be used to collate exactly the flaws or perform the welding line flaw detection.

2. A/B two detecting modes

● Two working modes of Scope A Wave Indication and B-scan  Image can both be used in rail flaw detecting. In Scope A mode, the instrument simultaneously records B image. Press certain button, the mode will expediently change to Mode B, and show the ultrasonic image within the range of


● A/B two modes both have storing and replaying function. The internal memory may record A ultrasonic single breadth and dynamic image, of which the acting image can record 60 minutes on end. B-scan  image can record over 2,000 images. The images can replay directly in the instrument and can be sent to computers for storing and processing by USB.

3. Equipped with Flaw Detecting Assignment Recording Devices (GPS Global Position System)

● Adopting the technology of Satellite position fixing system, this instrument uses highly precise displacement coder to record the track of flaw detecting assignment,  to record the time of going up and down the route, pushing speed as well as the pushing course.

● Recording the B-scan  Image of the alarming spot and the parameter of flaw detecting assignment(including the date, time, gate  position and size, Rail weight, added benefit value, battery voltage etc.).

● The above-mentioned information is recorded by the outset USB, satisfying the recording needs of more than 30 days.

● The software matched with this detector can deal with all the information  recorded in the USB, showing the assignment route ways, alarming spot etc., and can also generate the report of flaw detecting assignment which is convenient to store in files, reexamine or print etc.

4. Big-screen EL Display Screen. This detector adopts 5.7- inch, high brightness, quick response EL display screen. It be cppable of to work in tunnels, at nights or in strong light beam without any light cover.

5. Ideal Compensatory Curve. This instrument is installed inside many sets of plus compensatory curves suitable for different Rail weights. The plus compensatory curve contains as many as 160 compensatory adjusting points. It will strengthen the testing capacity maximally and meanwhile inhibits the display of special noise wave.

6. Probe head self-testing function and its automatic plus control

● The instrument can automatically detect the low sensitivity, the bad state of coupling, the malfunction of the probe head etc. and can also offer hints.

● The instrument, working under the automatic state of plus control, can automatically adjust the automatic plus situation based on the real situation of the  rail’s material, nature of the probe head property, to ensure the maintenance of the best state of the detector, reducing the wrong report and absence of testing  caused by  man-made adjustment of improper sensitivity.

7. Flaw wave position located calculating. The numbers automatically display the parameter of the flaw wave’s level, up straightness and the sound course, which is convenient to detect.

8. Adaptable to the environment easily. The main frame of the detector is designed of waterproof, windproof materials, adaptable to different windy, rainy and sandy climates. The whole machine can work normally under temperatures ranged from -40 to 50℃.