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MITECH Microcomputer control Electronic Universal

Series MDW-E Microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine is applicable for tensile tests of material like rubber, plastic, textile, waterproofing material, cable, network wire, metal wire, metal rod, metal plate and others. With attaching tools, it can also do compression and bending tests.

I. Main engine structure

The engine structure is formed by the upper beam, the middle beam, the lower beam and the bottom panel with two pairs of ball screw-rod and a vertical column. The all-digital AC motor drives the reducer and the synchronic gear belt, so as to turn two pairs of high-precision and seamless ball screw-rod, and to make the beam move up and down.

II. Main engine framework

The high-precision and seamless ball screw-rod has improved transmission efficiency and displacement precision. The upper beam and working table is fixed with high-intensive light bars, which constitute a highly rigid frame structure.

III.   Displacement measuring device

The relative accuracy can reach up to ± 0.5%, with the high-precision photoelectric encoder.

IV. Attaching tool

A variety of materials meet all your test requirements.

V. Testing Force measurement

The high-precision and high stability Spoke strain sensor and high-precision measuring amplification system ensures the high-precision of the test force.

Multiple sensors can be used to realize a broad range of test forces according to users’ requirements.

VI. Limit switch

The machine has a limit protection for auto-stop.

VII.  Software systems

With a brand computer to control the software operating system, it has the characteristics of high speed, mild interface and easy operation. It can meet the test measurement needs of different materials. With more than a hundred of test standards, it can satisfy the requirements of international standards, national standards and industry standards.

VIII. Functional Features

  1. Auto-calibration: The system is able to automatically achieve the calibration of standards of displayed values.
  2. The big liquid crystal displayer displays the real-time test force, peak value, displacement, speed, status, etc. throughout the trial process.
  3. Breaking judgment: when the specimen is broken, move the beam to automatically stop the test.
  4. Limit protection: It has mechanical and control limit protections

IX. Main Technical Parameter

Main technical parameters






Structural form

Single-arm type

Maximum testing force (KN)





Operation mode

microcomputer control  (Chinese software operation)

Force measuring range

2%-100% of the maximum testing force (or 0.4%-100% optional)

Relative error on indicated values of testing force

Better than ±1%of the indicated value ( or±0.5% special selection)

Error on deformation display

±1% (or±0.5% optional)

Minimum resolution on the testing force


Precision on beam displacement

±1% (±0.5% optional)

Deformation accuracy

Better than ±1% (±0.5% optional)

Speed governing range


Testing travel

Less than 600 mm (800mm selected)

Testing space adjusting mechanism

AC servo motor, synchronization with drive


As per GB/T2611

Protection function

Overload protection, limit protection.

Power supply

220 V

Weight (approximate kg)


Operating conditions

Ambient temperature -35°C, humidity 20% - 80%

Clamp form

Suitable clamps will be configured according to the customer requirements. Special clamps can be customized for the customer.


Note: This parameter list is only for

information and is subject to change without notice. The real objects prevail for the products of our company.