MITECH UT303C Infrared Thermometer

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MITECH UT303C Infrared Thermometer

UT303 series non-contact type infrared thermodetector uses the ultra low power loss intelligence design. The ultra low power loss design guaranteed that the product can the longer time work, reduce for the user replaces when frequently the battery and the work owes the electricity the worry. An intelligent design help user more convenient test, catches quickly is measured the object the real value, simultaneously the measuring appliance can the intelligent choice battery or the USB connection power supply.



Basic FunctionsRangeBest Accuracy
Temperature Range -32~1050oC         
Display Accuracy 1.8oC or 1.8%         
Repeatability 0.5oC or-0.5%         
Display Resolution 0.1         
Distance to Spot Size 30 : 1         
Laser Power wavelength 630-670 nm         
oC / oF Selection           
Temperature Data Hold           
Power USB (Auto Double Display Backlight) or 9V Battery (6F22)         
Laser Switch           
Electricity Cut Off Memory           
MAX, MIN temperatures           
DIF, AVG temperatures           
Double Display Backlight EL         
Sleep Mode           
Tripod mount           
Low Battery Display           


LCD Size 32 x 29 mm
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 270g
Product Size 169 x 138 x 53 mm
Standard Accessories Battery, English Manual, USB Cable
Standard Individual Packing Gift Box
Standard Quantity Per Carton 32 pcs
Standard Carton Measurement 510 x 410 x 330 mm(0.069 CBM Per Standard Carton)
Standard Carton Gross Weight 13kg